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Yapster e-Conglomerate, Inc., established in 1999, is a holding company with interests in Internet companies. We provide an all-around business solution for companies by offering a host of online services and supporting infrastructure companies that will enable clients to start, establish, or further their businesses.

For all Yapster e-Conglomerate, Inc., companies, our customers remain our primary focus. We seek to build relationships centered in understanding and fulfilling their needs.

To this end, Yapster embodies the customer-centric model of comprehending individual costumers and focuses on infrastructure and fulfillment, crucial activities for satisfied customers and successful e-businesses.

The CEO of each company is a second-generation Yap who also sits on the Conglomerate Board. Educated in North America, each Yap has years of experience in their area of expertise. Leveraging these with their respective skills and knowledge brings added value to the migration of Yapster’s businesses onto the internet.

Yapster e-Conglomerate is managed by a Board and Management Team with professional experience in diverse array of successful traditional businesses. Founder and Chairman of the Board Mr. Felipe Yap, brings with him over 46 years of extensive business experience.

Our yapster.com site serves as the gateway to Yapster e-Conglomerate’s suite of business services. Features on the site are user-friendly services, exclusive articles, and comprehensive research material on starting or growing your business. Yapster.com is an interactive site when an internet-based community is created among entrepreneurs providing thoughts, bulletin boards, forums, discussions, and building strong relations.

The conglomerate is made of two primary areas:
e-Business Subsidiaries and Infrastructure Companies

The e-Business Subsidiaries deliver online services like education, travel, stock trading, and insurance. The Infrastructure Companies are e-Business Enablers with services such as Consulting, and Internet Data Facility, Shared Services, and an Interaction Center.

As Enablers, the Companies provide services critical to the success of any e-Business. Seamless and quality-assured support is, therefore, guaranteed for our online Subsidiaries. We leverage our core competencies to provided our corporate clients the benefit of our total solution.

THE YAPSTER BUSINESS MODEL. By adopting the true internet computing model, we envision Yapster to be the leading e-business company that empowers communities by providing online and infrastructure services.

Our business model harnesses the power of technology to achieve economies of scales. At Yapster, all shared services are managed within the Conglomerate level. The includes Finance, IT, HR, Strategic Planning, and Administration.

In the same way that we adopt the true internet computing model, Yapster enables businesses to streamline operations, improve communications, provide access to information, and increase efficiencies across industry supply and valuechains.

OUR STRENGTHS. Yapster’s key strengths lie in our extensive experience in successful traditional businesses that translates into a strong management team and board of directors, and a solid background in, and understanding of, customer satisfaction.

Exceptional service is our forte and we have a full grasp of its expression on the internet through our e-businesses, infrastructure, and fulfillment. We partner with companies that understand our vision. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we do.

With our strategic partners, Yapster is full capable of becoming the leading e-business enabler through the power of true internet computing.

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